#TheEaglesNest Week#15&16


Here’s what hatched in the nest these past two weeks …

The Windy City (Eagles Soaring)

If Influence is measured by the number of companies bases within your city limits (or within your greater metropolitan area), then Chicago is truly The Windy City.

Within the city: Boeing, Hyatt Hotels, MillerCoors, Playboy, United and Wrigley.

Within the greater metropolitan area: Allstate, Kraft, McDonald’s, Motorola, Sara Lee and Walgreens.

Your Pilot Is An Eagle

I love flying United Airlines because of the sheer number of flights and Chanel 9 (which allows me to hear the cockpit transitions from the pilot to the tower, ground crew and air traffic control, from gate to gate). As Flying With Fish says:

there is no other airline in-flight entertainment experience that compares, especially because the entertainment starts on the ground. Board the plane, sit in your seat, pop on your headsets and start listening.

So when I boarded my United flight this past week and realized Channel 9 was not engaged, I asked the flight attendant to speak with the captain. Not only did the captain turn on the cockpit audio, he gave me an autographed hardcover of The Age of Flight: A History of America’s Pioneering Airline. It turns out that he is the famous Captain Denny. I am now a United flyer for life.

@GregShove Ready For Flight

My partner and SocialChorus CEO Greg Shove talks about the benefits of influencer relationship marketing (IRM): authenticity, scale and ROI.

Read the article, RT @SocialChorus, RT @SBOSM, Like/Share on Facebook/LinkedIn, +1, Like/Re-Pin, Like/Promote on Quora. Thanks Anna Eschenburg for providing the social to-dos.

The Pink Party

Sasha’s birthday has become the annual pink party. There is nothing better than laying in a hammock with your birthday girl and her friends. I love you Sasha Rose Cohen.


I just arrived at the iMedia Digital Marketing to Moms Summit and I am excited to connect with brands and advertisers looking to discuss the benefits of IRM.

Until Next Week.


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