#TheEaglesNest Week#2

The female lays from one to three eggs and it takes about 35 days before the young hatch. After another 10 weeks the young are ready to leave the nest. Both males and females share parenting duties
Here’s what hatched in the nest last week. Big ups to Anna Eschenburg (@aeschenburg) San Francisco social media junkie, wanna-be world traveler and lover of grilled cheese and social media manager @halogenmedia @youcast for curating this post.

Favorite Articles of the Week:

Key Brand Points:
Nike – #makeitcount – Twitter hashtag campaign about how you’ll make it count in 2012
Gap – getting good at using Instagram & Pinterest
Converse & Filter Magazine – Hometown LA (Converse and Filter have teamed up to bring you Hometown L.A., a series of videos shot throughout Los Angeles that capture some of L.A’s best bands playing in a variety of locations)

Two good info-graphics:
– 5 Brands that are Rocking Social – (Dell, Morton’s, Unisys, KLM, ABC)

Created by Voltier Digital for ScottMonty.com

– The Business of Social – The average customer mentions specific brands over 90 times per week in conversations with friends, family & co-workers.

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