#TheEaglesNest Week#12


Here’s what hatched in the nest last week:

Eating Your Own Cooking (Bird Feed)

We at SocialChorus are proud of the results from our Trop50 campaign. The earned and paid efforts succeeded in activating 174 influencers who produced 210 blog posts and over 36,000 social actions across multiple social media platforms. Influencers used approved copy and trackable assets to share authentic posts for the brand while driving traffic to the Facebook experience.  All of this was powered by the SocialChorus Influencer Marketing Platform.

What’s equally inspiring is how seemless SocialChorus’ Anna Eschenburg engaged the company with the myriad of ways to share and spread the love  … I call this “eating your own cooking”.

1) Like the article on Social Media Today
2) RT @SocialChorus tweet
3) RT @SocialMedia2day
4) Share the Facebook update
5) Share the LinkedIn update
6) Share the Quora post
7) Repin the post on Pinterest
8) Digg it
9) Share or +1 on Google+

Great Flights (Birds of a feather flock together):

Nathan Lump, Jonathan Bellinger, Abby Leber & John Eaton talk about activating global influence on behalf of the USA.

Gary Lamb, Peter Murphy & Thomas Carroll are all about scaling the power middle of influence for school choice.

Double Eagle:

Congrats to Peter Guber for not one, but two sporting victories.

1. On November 15, 2010 he and Joe Lacob purchased the Golden State Warriors (see Ellison Loses Warriors to Guber, Lacob).

2. On March 27, 2012, it was announced that an agreement had been reached on the sale of the Dodgers between Frank McCourt and Guggenheim Baseball Management LLC, a group of investors fronted by Guggenheim CEO Mark Walter, @Magic Johnson and @PeterGuber (see Dodgers sell for record $2 bil Winning group includes Magic Johnson, Peter Guber).

Until Next Week.

Falkner Cohen

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